A Novel Temporal Visualization Framework for Relational Event Representation


MSV2012, United States Of America, 01 July 2012, pp.258-264

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • Country: United States Of America
  • Page Numbers: pp.258-264


Temporal logics are widely used in many study types, such as question answering, ontology, natural language processing, search engines, text summarization, or even visual tools like Gantt charts or UML diagrams.
Computable temporal languages are the logical systems, built on temporal logic, that can be computed to find a result. They can also be defined as computer-computable languages, built on temporal logics. All timeline drawing or planning software uses temporal logic in order to visualize or process cases.
Also, semantic web studies are one of implementation areas where the temporal modeling and reasoning is massively needed. Relation between events or event types and event of subjects can be modeled by using temporal logic.
This study introduces the temporal logics and the computable temporal languages in the current literature. For the first time, some of temporal logic problems are pointed and solved during this study.
Also a novel temporal framework is implemented with JAVA and published on the web which covers the solutions of temporal logic problems.