Turkish Query Engine on Library Ontology”


IKE12, Internet Knowledge Engineering,, United States Of America, 01 July 2012, pp.26-33

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • Country: United States Of America
  • Page Numbers: pp.26-33


Purpose of this project is implementing conversational software to interface dialog based sentences between the user and a library database.
This software implemented with a special expertise on library dialogs. The number of possible library dialog sentences is limited and this project covers almost all of these possible sentences. The input sentences are accepted as Turkish and a flexible management system added for further additions. For example any sentence missed on this project can be added with a simple entry on the YACC file.
The technology utilized during this project is YACC and LEX implementation on LINUX. Also the database of the project is implemented over MySQL. LEX and YACC produces C source codes and the functionality of semantic processing and the database queries are also implemented in C language.
One of the hardest part of this project is implementing Turkish language capability over C programming environment on LINUX. All the technological modules of this project which are MySQL, C, LEX, YACC and ZEMBEREK created different problems with the Turkish inputs. During these problems I have searched Internet for the Turkish input implementations of LEX and YACC or the MySQL connection through C and as a result of my findings this project is the first time implementation of Turkish characters sets by LEX, YACC and MySQL at the same time on LINUX.
One of the most important achievements after accomplishing this study is the flexibility of the input sentences. Anybody can add a new grammar rule to the YACC file buy obeying the regular expression structure of YACC. After a successful addition the project will search for this new addition in the input sentences and the answers related to this input will be produced.