Turkish Collective Labour Law

Ekmekçi Ö., Korkusuz M. R. , Uğur Ö.

On İki Levha Yayıncılık, İstanbul, 2021

  • Publication Type: Book / Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Publisher: On İki Levha Yayıncılık
  • City: İstanbul


Collective labour law contains the procedural provisions that must be followed to achieve the rights which are gained as a result of long period of struggles in the history. Collective labour law is emerged after the bargains made between the states, employee's trade unions and employer's side. In short, it constitutes the principles, regulations and mechanisms on which all three sides of working life are agreed upon. This book consists of four main sections, considering the procedure followed in Turkish collective labour law studies. In the first section, development of collective labour law in Turkey and the international instruments related to the collective labour law are examined. Afterwards, the trade union law, collective labour agreements are studied in the following two sections. Lastly, labour struggle law is examined in the fourth section. This work primarily aims to overcome the deficiency of book written for various faculties on the collective labour law in English language. On the other hand, it aims to provide information on the Turkish collective labour law for foreign investors, whose numbers are increasing day by day, and foreign jurists who are interested in Turkish Law.