Sonochemical synthesis and physical properties of Co0.3Ni0.5Mn0.2EuxFe2-xO4 nano-spinel ferrites

Almessiere M. A. , Slimani Y., Guner S., Sertkol M., Korkmaz A. , Shirsath S. E. , ...Daha Fazla

ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY, cilt.58, 2019 (SCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier identifier


Nanoparticles (NPs) of composition Co0.3Ni0.5Mn0.2EuxFe2-xO4, where 0.00 <= x <= 0.10 (hereafter called CNMEuF) were synthesized by sonochemical approach using UZ SONOPULS HD 2070 ultrasonic homogenizer (frequency of 20 kHz and power of 70 W). As-synthesized samples were characterized thoroughly to determine the effects of europium ions (Eu3+) substitution on their structure, morphology and magnetic traits. Structural analyses of the synthesized NPs confirmed their high purity and crystalline cubic phases. Percent diffuse reflectance (%DR) data and Kubelka-Munk theory were exploited to evaluate the optical band gap energies of the studied CNMEuF NPs. Values of optical band gap energies obtained from the Tauc plots were observed in the range of 1.47-1.58 eV. The hysteresis loops (at room temperature and 10 K) of synthesized NPs were analyzed to determine their magnetic properties. These NPs disclosed superparamagnetic and hard ferrimagnetic character at room temperature and 10 K, respectively. With exception, the sample with x = 0.10 revealed soft ferrimagnetic behavior at 10 K. Eu3+ doping was shown to have significant influence on the structure and magnetic attributes of the proposed CNMEuF NPs. Values of various magnetic parameters of proposed compositions were reduced with the increase in Eu3+ dopant contents.