Abdülaziz Meragizâde Hakkında Yeni Bulgular ve Sultan II. Mehmed’e Şâhişube Makam Hediyesi

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Uslu R.

International JOURNAL OF SOCIAL, HUMANITIES AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES, vol.8, no.51, pp.466-472, 2022 (Journal Indexed in ESCI)

  • Publication Type: Article / Article
  • Volume: 8 Issue: 51
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • Doi Number: 10.29228/joshas.61786
  • Page Numbers: pp.466-472


Especially in the last ten years, new findings and some new determinations have been made about the life of

Abdulaziz Meragizade who was Herat Sistematist Music School founder Abdülkadir Meragi's son. Abdulaziz

Meragizade, whose life I wrote for the first time in 1999, was a representative of the Herat Systematists Music

School in the Ottomans. Bringing together new findings, evaluations and determinations will benefit the field of

academia in terms of benefiting from the information collectively. In addition, no study has been carried out on the

shahishube seen in the title of the article so far. Shahishube is a maqam invented by Abdulaziz Meragizade. On the

one hand, he invented a unique new shube/maqam, on the other hand, he did not change the number of 24 shubes

he mentioned in the same work. In this respect, he continued to represent his father Abdülkadir's music theory. On

the other hand, after the death of Murad II, he invented a shube that showed his mastery in the field of music to

Mehmed II, who became the new sultan in Edirne, and gave him a congratulatory composition made in the same

shube. From the age of 10, when Abdulaziz came to the Ottomans from Central Asia, he had a secret war with the

musicians he was in. It was a war of music schools. In this war, he showed himself for the first time with a

composition in the Safashube makam, which he gifted to Murad II, but he had to show himself again in the ongoing

rivalry in the change of sultan. Abdulaziz wrote a new book called Nekavetü'l-edvar (: distinguished maqams) for

Mehmet II, who became the sultan in 1451, and showed his mastery in music to both the new sultan and his rivals

with his composition in the maqam he performed with that piece. Until today, it has not been questioned what kind

of a scale Abdulaziz's new invention shahishube mode can be used in his composition in the field of musicology.

This article is limited to interpreting how the shahishube maqam, which he invented about Abdulaziz Meragizade,

could be in the light of new findings. At the end of the article, which was written with a qualitative research and

systematic musicology presentation, shahishube's string from the abcad alphabet note to the present day with note

transcription was questioned by removing the wrong evaluations, translated into modern notes, and a musical

enactment was tried to be made with an etude. It has been suggested how the shahishube maqam should be