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                   Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özer
Mustafa Özer completed his undergraduate education at Ankara University Faculty of Language and History and Geography, Department of Archaeology and Art History with his thesis titled "Ottoman Period Inns in Trabzon" (1985-1989). In 1992, he began his Master's degree at the same university with his thesis titled "Ottoman Period Trade Structures in Izmir-Tire"; He completed his doctoral studies in 1998 with his thesis titled "Ottoman Architecture in Macedonia- Skopje".
In 2010, Mustafa Özer received the title of associate professor in Turkish-Islamic Arts. Özer, who became a professor in 2016, started his academic life at Selcuk University in 1992 and has been at Istanbul Civilization University since January 2016.
M. Özer, who specializes in Ottoman cities and architectural heritage, has focused the results of his researches on immovable cultural assets and cities, particularly in the Balkan (Rumelian) geography; books, articles, papers, conferences, documentaries, etc. have been shared with the world of science.
Mustafa Özer has been without a scholarship and projects he has prepared since 1994; He had the opportunity to examine the Ottoman cities and structures in almost all Balkan countries, especially Macedonia. Özer, who has published numerous articles, symposiums and congress papers, books and many documentaries, has many published articles, symposiums and congress papers, and his advisories in many documentaries, including Ottoman Architecture and ottoman architecture heritage and urbanism, especially in the Balkan geography. Among his published books; There is "Turkish Architecture in Macedonia- Skopje", "Edirne Selçuk Hatun Mosque", "Kirklareli- Pınarhisar Sadullah Koloğlu Primary School", "Edirne Palace (Saray-ı Cedid-i Amire)" and "The Ottoman Imperial Palace in Edirne".
Özer, who has been a team member and consultant in many projects aimed at preserving cultural heritage (restoration, conservation, archaeological excavation, etc.), has been serving as president, vice president and member of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Regional Councils for the Protection of Cultural Assets for nearly 15 years.
Özer participated in archaeological excavations carried out in the seljuk and Ottoman cultural assets in our country (Kubad-Abad Palace, Alanya Castle, Konya Dokuzun Inn, Demirköy Fatih Top Foundry, etc.), as a member of the delegation since his studentship, at Edirne Palace, one of the most important research and application areas of Ottoman Archaeology, between 2009 and 2017; With the decision of the Council of Ministers and the permissions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, archaeological excavations and restoration works have been carried out.
Mustafa Özer is currently at Istanbul Civilization University, where he is serving; He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Seljuk and Ottoman architectural heritage and urbanism and conducts research and publications.


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