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Exercise and melatonin in humans: reciprocal benefits

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Malatonin and zinc for Age Management

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Seasonal Vitamin D Levels of Persons Admitted to Family Medicine

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Age-related Characteristics of Thymus Antioxidant Minerals in Rats Supplementated by Exogenous Melatonin.

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Postmenopozal Kadınlarda Farklı Hormon Replasman Tedavilerinin Plazma Nitrik Oksit Seviyesine Etkileri

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Nitrate Levels of Kidney and Pancreatic Tissue in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

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Deneysel Çinko Eksikliğinin Natural Killer (NK) Lenfositler Üzerine Etkisi.

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Endokrin Sistem

in: Lippincott Fizyoloji, İşoğlu-Alkaç Ü, Ermutlu M.N., Yılmaz B, Editor, Nobel Tıp Kitabevi, İstanbul, pp.450-500, 2013